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Architect & Artist. Passionate. Positive. Open-minded. Ambitious

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” (Albert Einstein)

I want to help you by making our dreams come true.

Our primordial need for sheltering is for me the baseline for my architectural design because in my opinion architecture is one of our greatest tools to make our life easier and happier. Most of us will agree that already 4000 years ago, for example, the Sumerian people used different types of constructions to persuade their needs. They created temples through stunning methods based on their physical, religious, political, emotional, and other necessities. Sumerian history is one of the proofs that architecture helped them to develop as a civilization but also individually. In the same way, I want to make my purpose in life to serve people through my architecture. One of the most important criteria for this task is to be able to know people and to understand them. I think of myself as a person who can read people and know from the first contact what they need in order to flourish. Therefore I will make your dreams come true and at the same time, I will accomplish my purpose.

My story with architecture started at an early age. I was impressed by the Egyptian civilization and the role of the architect in their society, so the idea came to me that architects have a lot of knowledge in various fields and they are able to leave something memorable behind them. The fact made me think that this is exactly who I am. At this time I was already practicing different arts, such as sculpture, drawing, painting, arts&crafts. My first two years at school, at the age of 7-8, were at a musical one, where I played the piano. I finished my 12 years of school being one of the best at all subjects, but my favorite ones were mathematics and physics, where I participated in competitions. I came to the conclusion that I am a talented person with a great mind perfectly suited to become an architect.

Inspired to study Architecture since I was 14 years old, I dedicated my life to it. In order to achieve these goals, I had to take private lessons for artistic and technical drawing for two years by traveling each second weekend to another city. After graduating High School in Romania, I took the admission test for the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Cluj-Napoca University of Technology and I was accepted with other 100 students from altogether 500 applicants. The knowledge gathered there is more technical than artistic. The strict system made me gain exactly 240 credits (ECTS points) in 4 years, from which, through the transfer to Vienna University of Technology, only around 180 were accredited. To study there, a course of one year of the German language was necessary. After that in only one and a half years, I  finished the Bachelor and the Master at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Vienna University of Technology. Altogether, in the end, I had more than 400 ECTS points in six and a half years, which means a lot of cumulated knowledge in various fields.

The first 4 years of study at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca were more design-oriented, but in my internships, I got an insight into more practical and economic aspects of architecture. I graduated on 28th January 2016 with a Master’s in Architecture and Urban Planning from Vienna University of Technology.

Besides I am also a creative person in different areas such as photography, design, drawing, painting, jewelry making, arts&crafts, sculpture, juggling, sewing. I thrive on intellectual challenges and if there is a thing  I don’t know how to do it, I learn it. For me, nothing is impossible as long as I want it. Born in Russia, in Siberia, and raised in Romania, I moved almost every 5 years to a different city.

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